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Marko Doringer has achieved the currently highest form of contemporaneity in native documentary film today.
- Dominik Kamalzadeh (Ray special 10 years
Authentic, entertaining, stirring.
- Diagonale (about Globally Yours)
A generation in search of love and happiness – terrific!
- artmagazine (about Globally Yours)
Leaves behind a lasting glow in the hearts of the audience.
- Flair (about Globally Yours)
One of the most funny, moving, wise and groovy films in recent years.
- Skip (about (Half) The Time Of My Life)
This film is a Godsend!
- Der Standard (about (Half) The Time Of My Life)
In its best moments like a film by Woody Allen.
- taz (about (Half) The Time Of My Life)
Rarely has an audience been laughing so hard despite the gravity of the subject.
- (about (Half) The Time Of My Life)


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