Laughing and Crying

German title: Lachen und Weinen
a film by Marko Doringer
in production, approx. 93 minutes

About the Film

You want to have children? Say good-bye to your life.

We live in times of major demographic change, a growing aging population. The potential breakdown of our social security systems are central themes in sociopolitical discussions. The willingness to start a family with children is in decline. Why is this happening and what’s behind it?

After (HALF) THE TIME OF MY LIFE and GLOBALLY YOURS, LAUGHING AND CRYING will be the third installment of a trilogy about the life goals of us western Europeans between the ages of 30 to 45.

Again, the approach of director Marko Doringer is a personal one: he guides the audience along the lines of his own life story, concluding his documentary series by returning to Vienna, his initial point of departure.LAUGHING AND CRYING is a gripping and humorous feature documentary rich in contrast about the life dreams of a whole generation.

LAUGHING AND CRYING is currently in production. Completion planned for winter 2021.

writer & director: Marko Doringer
script consultant: Andres Veiel
director assistant: Stefan Pircher Verdorfer
editorial staff: Susanne Spellitz / ORF
producer: Marko Doringer


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funded by:
Austrian Film Institute, Film Location Austria, government of Lower Austria, government of Salzburg
project development also supporter by: Filmfonds Vienna

supported by: ORF Film/Television-Agreement

produced by Marko Doringer film production
© Filmfabrik Marko Doringer film production
Austria 2010 | 2013 | 2015


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