Tirana And Elsewhere

German title: In Tirana Und Anderswo
a film by Marko Doringer
2004, 52 & 60 minutes

About the Film

We went to church and at the same time founded a punk movement.

After the communist regime collapsed in 1991, three young people in Tirana, the capital of Albania, found themselves in a world unknown to them. Wild years of radical personal re-orientation followed. The dictatorship had created a strict atheist society, in which for 24 years, belief was to be prohibited – religion was a crime. After such a change, how do values, conflicts and beliefs develop – in Tirana and elsewhere?

Belief in religion is simply a part of the national cultures of Western Europe and is just accepted as such. This documentary looks at a people whose struggle with spirituality is completely different. They have had to totally redefine and create the meaning of their beliefs from the base up. At the same time they are exposed to everything the western world has to offer. In a world that is progressively more lonely, consumerism, sex and drugs are easily available to quench its emotional thirst. How does a human being reconcile personal and spiritual visions with the pragmatic everyday reality we all face?

TIRANA AND ELSEWHERE is an independent Austrian production by author, director and producer Marko Doringer, in association with ORF, funded by agency for development and cooperation Switzerland, government of Salzburg, city of Salzburg and city of Berlin.

The world premiere  of the original version took place at Diagonale, Festival of Austrian Film, Graz, 2005.

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  • Diagonale ´05 / Austria
  • Balkan black box ´05 / Germany
  • Zagreb internat. film festival ´05 / Croatia
  • Innsbruck internat. film festival ´06 / Austria
  • “Albania in Films ´06” / Germany


with Artes L., Bojken L., Ervin H.

writer & director: Marko Doringer
editing: André Nier
camera: Börres Weiffenbach
sound: Johannes Schmelzer – Ziringer
sound design, sound mix: Markus Böhm
script consultant: Rune Schweizer
colour correction: Till Beckmann
translation & transcription: Sonila Limaj
production assistant: Julia Sing
project consultant: Ronny Zuckermann

editorial staff: Walter Erdelitsch / ORF (Wien)
producer: Marko Doringer

funded by:
 agency for development and cooperation Switzerland, government of Salzburg, city of Salzburg, city of Berlin

in association with: ORF

© Filmfabrik Marko Doringer film production
Austria 2004


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  • Completion
    March 2004
  • Dates
    13th of October 2004: transmission via BR Alpha
    09th of November 2004: transmission via ORF
    01st of March 2005: transmission via RTSI
    12th of October 2005: transmission via YLE
  • Kategorie Dokumentarfilm
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