(Half) The Time Of My Life

German title: Mein Halbes Leben
a film by Marko Doringer
2008, 93 minutes

About the Film

Today, if you haven’t made it by 30 it’s all over.

Filmmaker Marko Doringer has decided to go on a very personal mission: he is 30 years old, hasn’t achieved anything in life, and has just lost his first molar. Bodily decay has begun, youth is disappearing fast. What else is there in life before it’s all over? Marko will visit old friends, his parents, and their friends to find out whether they are better off than him. Why does being 30 have to be this hard?

Marko questions the meaning of life with perceptive irony. He relentlessly confronts his protagonists with both the large and small questions of humanity: why is it so difficult accepting the success of others? Why it is so difficult to accept one’s own?

(Half) The Time Of My Life is an ironic self-portrait of a whole generation – the happily depressed; a real life version of a coming-of-age novel of our present, and Marko’s future.

(HALF) THE TIME OF MY LIFE is an independent Austrian production by author, director and producer Marko Doringer, coproduced by NGF Nikolaus Geyrhalter Filmproduction, supported by ORF Film/Television Agreement in cooperation with Radio Bremen/ARTE. It was funded by Austrian Film Institute, Vienna Film Fund, Film Location Austria, government of Lower Austria, government of Styria, government of Salzburg and city of Salzburg.

The film’s world premiere took place at Diagonale, Festival of Austrian Film, Graz, on April 3rd 2008.

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  • best Austrian documentary film 07/08“ / Grand Diagonale Prize 2008
  • best documentary film“ / new Berlin film award 2009 (Germany)
  • best documentary film“ / Bolzano Film Festival 2009 (Italy)



  • This film’s a Godsend! / Der Standard (Austria)
  • One of recent years most funny, moving, wise and groovy films / Skip (Austria)
  • In its best moments like a film by Woody Allen / taz (Germany)
  • Hilarious! / Der Tagesspiegel (Germany)
  • Ironic, engaging and funny / Show Royale – Radio Eins Berlin (Germany)
  • Rarely has an audience been laughing so hard despite the gravity of the subject / kino-zeit.de (Germany)


  • Hof internat. film festival ´08 / Germany
  • Diagonale ´08 / Austria
  • Duisburg ´08 / Germany
  • Jihlava ´08 / Czech Republic
  • La Rochelle ´09 / France
  • Trieste internat. film festival ´09 / Italy
  • New Berlin film award ´09 / Germany
  • Bolzano Film Festival ’09 / Italy


 Katha H., Martin O., Thomas B. und Marko Doringer

writer, director & camera: Marko Doringer
editing: Marko Doringer, Martin Hoffmann
sound: Johannes Schmelzer-Ziringer
sound design, sound mix: Markus Böhm
musical score: Kristof Hahn, Viola Limpet / Les Hommes Sauvages
script consultant: Andres Veiel, Klaus Charbonnier
colour correction: Till Beckmann
motion graphics: Daniel Flax
production consultant: Ronny Zuckermann
line producer: Markus Glaser

producers: Marko Doringer, Markus Glaser, Michael Kitzberger, Nikolaus Geyrhalter, Wolfgang Widerhofer

funded by: 
 government of Lower Austria, Austrian Film Institute, government of Styria, government of Salzburg, city of Salzburg

© Filmfabrik Marko Doringer film production | NGF Nikolaus Geyrhalter film production

Austria/ Germany 2008


project partners




  • Completion
    April 2008
  • Dates
    01.01.2009: theatrical release in Austria
    August 2009: transmission via YLE
    08.10.2009: theatrical release in Germany
    29.10.2010: transmission via ARTE
    14.03.2013: transmission via ORF III
  • Kategorie Dokumentarfilm
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