Globally Yours

German title: Naegel Mit Koepfen
a film by Marko Doringer
2013, 93 minutes

About the Film

We all need a home. But why live there together?

What works for us today, fulfills us? What do we believe in? And what is still worth fighting for? This is the digital age, most of us are financially independent, traditional social structures do not seem to count much anymore. A sense of being lost in the globalized world is felt by many. ‘Feeling at home’ , does that still exist? One partner and one home – GLOBALLY YOURS?

To investigate, Marko sets out on a very personal exploration in search of the life goals of his generation. He is 35 and still without a place called ‚home‘ – and far from becoming a father. Why is that? After all, it seems he has found the right woman. What is he waiting for? Is he expecting some sort of magic sign, is he just looking for the right moment? But when might that moment arrive? And what will it look like? Is he still holding out for ’something better‘? Really?

Looking for answers, Marko explores the lives of friends in Vienna, Belgrade, Dubai, Berlin and Addis Ababa. GLOBALLY YOURS is an ironic yet analytical portrayal of a generation in pursuit of fulfilling relationships in changing times.

GLOBALLY YOURS is an independent, Austrian production by author, director and producer Marko Doringer supported by ORF Film/Television Agreement and in cooperation with Radio Bremen/ARTE. It was funded by Austrian Film Institute, Vienna Film Fund, Film Location Austria, government of Lower Austria, government of Styria and government of Salzburg.

The world premiere ertook place at Max Ophuels Prize Film Festival, Saarbruecken, Germany, on January 22nd 2013.

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  • Authentic, entertaining, stirring / Diagonale 2013
  • Astonishing and remarkable / Falter
  • Funny, touching, exceptional / APA
  • Almost like an Austrian Woody Allen / GFBK
  • Splendid documentary cinema**** / OÖN



  • Max Ophuels Prize Film Festival, Saarbruecken ´13 / Germany
  • Diagonale ´13 / Austria
  • Bolzano Film Festival ´13 / Italy
  • Dok.Fest Munich ´13 / Germany
  • Merlinka ´14 / Serbia



with Jenny K. & Hannes D., Thomas G. & Nikola L., Silke & Klaus E., Marlene N. & Marko Doringer

writer, director & camera: Marko Doringer
additional camera: Marcus Winterbauer
sound: Johannes Schmelzer-Ziringer, Nils Kirchhoff
editing: Marko Doringer, Bettina Blickwede
script consultant: Andres Veiel
musical score: Kristof Hahn – Les Hommes Sauvages
sound design: Tatjana Jakob
music editing: Nico Berthold – 2nd Home Berlin
sound mix: Bernhard Maisch – Tremens Vienna
production manager Germany: Caroline Kirberg/ jucca Film Berlin
production manager Austria: David Bohun – Mischief Films Vienna
production manager Ethiopia: Zelalem Getahun
colour correction: Klaus Pamminger
title design: Mieke Ulfig

editorial staff: Susanne Spellitz & Klaus Hipfl / ORF; Lehning Mechtild / Radio Bremen
executive producer: Ronny Zuckermann
producer: Marko Doringer

funded by: 
Austrian Film Institute, Filmfonds Vienna, Film Location Austria, government of Lower Austria, government of Styria, government of Salzburg

supported by: ORF Film/Television-Agreement
in cooperation with: Radio Bremen / ARTE

© Filmfabrik Marko Doringer film production
Austria 2013


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  • Completion
    January 2013
  • Dates
    08th of March 2013: theatrical release in Austria
    17th of May 2015: transmission via ORF2
    05th of April 2017: transmission via ARTE
  • Kategorie Dokumentarfilm
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