Dream Factory (working title)

German title: Traumfabrik
a film by Marko Doringer
in production, approx. 93 minutes

About the Film

You are to blame, if your work is no fun.

The documentary feature DREAM FACTORY (working title) is an analytical-ironic generational portrait about the well-educated western middle class. At its centre are people in their mid-adult lives, age 35 to 45. The film’s questions however pertain to all of us: what importance do we attach to our career? How do contemporary working life models influence our life attitudes, values and feelings in today’s post-industrial, service-oriented society?

Our contemporary life is dominated by self determined innovative models of work. At the same time we are forced to participate in a rat race of an achievement oriented market economy. Modern working systems promise more room for maneuver, more personal liberties for all, at the same time forcing us to work anywhere at any time. We are to seize opportunities to incessantly reinvent ourselves and our dreams, while at risk of breaching social contracts by our hyper-individualization. How do these rapid and uncertain changes in our work-oriented society influence our self-image, life plans and everyday lives? Where exactly are we headed? Are we really looking at a brighter future? Or are we simply losing the plot? What are we doing this for? And for whom?

DREAM FACTORY (wt) is currently in production. Completion planned for winter 2020.

writer & director: Marko Doringer
script consultant: Andres Veiel
director assistant: Stefan Pircher Verdorfer
editorial staff: Susanne Spellitz / ORF
producer: Marko Doringer


project partners

funded by:
Austrian Film Institute, Film Location Austria, government of Lower Austria, government of Salzburg
project development also supporter by: Filmfonds Vienna

supported by: ORF Film/Television-Agreement

produced by Marko Doringer film production
© Filmfabrik Marko Doringer film production
Austria 2010 | 2013 | 2015


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